the best Marijuana strains of all time 10. Strawberry Cough Light and smooth taste with a subtle hint of strawberry. Good buzz with a medium body high. High has a medium duration. 9. Silver Haze Very smooth taste with a hint of spice. A very intense body that can last the whole day 8. Blue Berry Kush Very stick and pungent. Heavy body high with a medium duration that takes a minute to kick in. A Creeper. 7. Train Wreck Sweet and tangy smell with pretty sticky nuggets. Quick and intense mental high. 6. Jack Herer One of the most popular strains for medical use. A cross between Northern Light and Haze. Very potent strain with and intense body hand and a pretty long duration. Named after a legendary grower and activist. 5. AK — 47 Winner of the Best Sativa in the 1999 Cannabis Cup. Very popular with medical users for body pains. Great body high and very popular with growers cause of it’s easy cultivation. 4. Purple Haze Very popular because of it’s intense mental high. Especially among artists. Jimmy Hendrix named a song after the strain and rapper Camron did the same for his 4th studio album. 3. Sour Diesel Very fruity taste with gorgeous orange and crystallized nuggets. The high has a medium duration but it is very intense. 2. OG Kush Very compact nuggets with a slight lemon taste. Extremely heavy body high with a medium duration. HARD HITTER. 1. White Widow 1995 Cannabis Cup Winner. One of the highest percentages of THC known. Beautiful very crystallized nuggets with a
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A new strain of cannabis that contains low amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and high amounts of CBD (cannabidiol) allows patients to attain significant relief from illness while reducing intoxication. CBD has also been shown to slow, stop, and sometimes reverse the growth of tumors.

49 Responses to Top 10 Marijuana Strains of all time

  • MassHysteriaHD says:

    Blue Buddha! Search it. Thats a good strain! I also like AK47, Bubba kush (Fucked me up) and Sour diesel is really nice

  • oldirtydoggin says:

    blue cheese is my pearsonal fav 2nd would have to be amnesia not crazy bout ak and white widow id put dat at 10 at best peace my funky green brothers smoke on ;]

  • TheMarijuanaCentral says:

    in a few months i wanna do a like peoples choice on the strains so comment to this with strain ideas

  • amcrx says:

    jack herer and strawberry cough two best if u dont like it too hard but love to smoke !! ppl with no pain but like anxiety depression add ….paronia is even greatly minimized with those two starains especially jack’-) use to not be able to smoke because those symptoms would take over but now i truly use it as medicine and never looked back!!

  • Kush Man says:


  • ElusiveRecon805 says:

    PK is the shit btw i forgot about that 1. Had some bomb indo drop in my lap last year during trim season it was delicious.

  • ElusiveRecon805 says:

    Girl Scout Cookies, GDP or G. Ape, Sour D or Chem Dawg, Amensia Haze (Every1 else would want Super Lemon Haze), any ultra potent OG kush that TASTES and DESTROYS like it should, C4 for the citrus… all these would be in my thought process for a top 10. Not even including other, persy favs like romulan, AK, S.A.G.E. , Ogre, ect ect blah blah

  • Tim Smith says:

    I have always been curious about this but does CBD even help with back pains? I don’t want the THC though.

  • Brent Barrand says:

    I heard that CBD can be used to treat schizophrenia. My girlfriend has been having some real problems with such a condition recently and I am really wanting to find a way to get a hold of something with high amounts of CBD that is affordable. I desperately want to get high amounts of CBD without THC. Anyone have any advice for me. I am currently in Indiana.

  • Mrpimpg1 says:

    This is why I love harbor side despensry it has allot of diffrent but good strains but the bad thing is its ask slightly expensive

  • jangofet555 says:

    how does this strain with low self esteem, i find smoking high thc, i have low self esteem, and paranoa. but i already do have low self esteem. anyways, does anyone know about the subject?

  • free00to00ryhme says:

    THC effects everyone differently. it also depends on the chemical make-up of each strain. THC will act different with a different set of chemicals thats in each strain.

  • Vosh Narenek says:

    This is wonderful. CBD by all accounts, so far, is a good thing; but I could never stand the side effects of thc – worse than the side effects of any anti-depressants I’ve tried, or any drug.

  • Kasia Kuncewicz says:

    no man bcd just makes you sleepy the high the bad shit makes you really alerts and paranoid.

  • Kasia Kuncewicz says:

    It makes you literally should be legalized for sure,i know the should be illegal but bcd i don’t not understand why is bcd illegal?

  • jankinoff says:

    An example of a HUGE CBD to THC ratio by the way would be like some Cannabis I picked up from SPARC dispensary in San Francisco.

    They had two types of Cannatonic strains, one had 7% THC, AND 17% CBD (wow) and the other one had 1% THC and 16% CBD.

    I smoked the first one (7 THC, 17 CBD) and I did not feel very high, more just slight disorientation and drowsiness with relief, sort of like a vicodin pill).

  • jankinoff says:

    Good question. Some “Cannatonic” breeds (A cbd strain popular in California) have held near 1:1 ratio. It is rare, but there have been cases at dispensaries where I have seen 1:1 to ratios.

    To answer your question, in my experience, THC always seems to swoop away CBD. Meaning that you will still feel that stoney high in my experience, just a little bit less strong than the other strains, and more mellow.

    It is not until you get a HUGE CBD to THC ratio, that you feel the CBD more

  • Filmer1eX says:

    What about some strains that are said to be equal in amounts of THC and CBD (THC/CBD ratio 1)? A little bit of both I quess? :)

  • MichaelSmathers says:

    “NO” essentially by robbing the CBD of the Hydrogen component you render it “compromised” experiencing what is “left over” …the THC. sorry guy :(

  • jankinoff says:

    In summary, here are the pro’s and con’s of both types of weed:

    High THC, low CBD (Most stuff being sold on the streets and in dispensaries, otherwise known as “good shit” by the high school and college kids)
    -Taste enhanced (food tastes better)
    -Musical sense is enhanced (sounds sound more clear and are louder)
    -Sleep inducer (Makes you really sleepy)

    High CBD, low THC
    -Feel warmer
    -Feel more awake
    -Doesnt make you sleepy
    -Doesnt give you the sensitivity like THC

  • jankinoff says:

    Yes, I do know of a strain with lots of CBD and lots of THC. If you are in the Bay Area, look for a strain called “Cannatonic”. It has a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio which people thought would be impossible to achieve, since the plant can either get more of one or the other.

    Anyways, it is sold at Berkeley Patients Care Collective (11% THC 11%CBD) as well as Berkeley Patients Group and other places in the Bay. Have not tried it because I am very lightweight and get high off lower thc. 

  • jankinoff says:

    I always hated the weed that is sold on the streets and even in some dispensaries. Stuff that yields 15+ % THC would always get me super paranoid and anxious. I would often feel those effects for literally a week after staying sober, I would still feel them!

    CBD rich weed is completely different, I feel high but I dont get as much paranoia and the only downside is I dont get the sleepiness that THC gives me and I also get sort of a hangover for the next day, but it goes away unlike THC weed.

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