Marijuana Reduces Suicide Rates

Marijuana reduces suicide rates, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, which said that, “Suicides among men aged 20 throug…
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Medical marijuana has been available in Colorado since 2001. Since then, 157392 medical marijuana patients have registered in the State. Following a success…
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40 Replies to “Marijuana Reduces Suicide Rates”

  1. •Depression Treatment:

    Cannabinoids promote embryonic and adult hippocampus neurogenesis and
    produce anxiolytic- and antidepressant-like effects –

    “In summary, since adult hippocampal neurogenesis is suppressed following
    chronic administration of opiates (20), alcohol (21), nicotine (22), and
    cocaine (23), the present study suggests that cannabinoids are the only
    illicit drug that can promote adult hippocampal neurogenesis following
    chronic administration. Increased hippocampal neurogenesis appears to
    underlie the mechanism of anxiolytic- and antidepressant-like effects
    produced by a high dose of chronic HU210 treatment. The opposing effects of
    high doses of acute and chronic cannabinoids, together with the
    anxiolytic-like effects caused by a low dose of cannabinoids, may finally
    explain discrepancies in the clinical study literature regarding the
    effects of cannabinoid on anxiety and depression” –


    We conclude that the strongest evidence of a possible causal relation
    between cannabis use and schizophrenia emerged more than 20 years ago and
    that the strength of more recent evidence may have been overstated—for a
    number of possible reasons. –

    •Relation to alcohol:
    “More specifically, the decriminalization of cannabis and the subsequent
    reduction in penalty cost, as well as a reduced purchase price of cannabis,
    made cannabis more appealing and affordable for young consumers. This
    resulted in more cannabis use, which substituted for alcohol consumption,
    leading to less frequent and less heavy drinking. The reduction in the
    amount of alcohol consumed resulted in fewer nonfatal accidents.”
    Laberge, Jason C., Nicholas J. Ward, “Research Note: Cannabis and Driving
    – Research Needs and Issues for Transportation Policy,” Journal of Drug
    Issues, Dec. 2004, pp. 980-1.

    Elliot, do some fucking research if you are gonna sit there like a smarmy
    smug media whore- at least then you will not look vapid.

  2. Alcohol raises the blood pressure and makes people aggressive. It is also a
    depressant,which is why some people get weepy when they’ve had a few,
    whereas marijuana is a euphoriant, – it makes people mellow and happy, so
    what’s new?

  3. Sometimes I feel depressed a lot so I stayed a few months without smoking
    pot at for a particular job then one night I smoked with a friend and the
    following day I had so much energy. So I wonder if pot smoke it may be the
    best for me, at least it makes me feel more relaxed and more focus.
    I know that drugs does not have the same effect for everyone but for
    myself pot rocks!!!!

  4. I think it has more to do with the person. Marijuana may reduce suicidal
    tendencies in SOME people, but it would be a real generalization to say it
    works for everyone. Also, there’s more to suicide then just dysfunctions in
    the brain. There’s social issues such as life-damaging problems that
    medication can’t fix. Like the guy who killed himself after losing
    everything, please don’t say things could get better at that point.
    Sometimes there’s no reversing a problem. 

  5. These two are morons. It’s not a fucking drug, it never has been. And you
    never feel dependent on it when you’re using it for depression. I know. 

  6. But. .. if it was a ” Anti depression pill ” it would of got credit for
    suicide reduces
    He need to show WEED more respect!

  7. People that obviously know very little about a subject should not be so
    quick to develop an opinion and try and argue it. They seem like paid
    pharma-puppets to me. I believe this study 100% correlates to mmj

  8. Maybe it proves that pot helps people cope with stress. However I’d say
    that this only proves the drug war causes the suicide rate to be
    artificially high.

  9. Sometimes the obvious is correct. It took scientists 10 years to prove that
    cars cause smog in LA. Duh!

  10. I can only speak for my self which is 100% it works on depression a lot
    better then Prozac which makes u fell like the lights are on but no one is

  11. Now cartels can move in to Denver if they already haven’t. People think it
    boils down to the medical factors. People don’t see the big picture. People
    think all of the distributors and growers are people and business owners
    who grow it legally. Why do you think cartels thrive in Cali? Because its
    more loose on pot laws. Meet your drug distributors. People who storm into
    birthday parties and shoot kids. When you spend money on this, you support
    what the cartels supply you with. Speaking of the medical factors, there
    are plenty of other medicines that do a better job. No matter what you
    smoke, it’s still smoke. It damages your lungs. In Canada, they have strict
    laws on pot and you can’t even own it for medical purposes. And how many
    murders in a province of 8 million people called Quebec in 2013? Only 68.
    And people also do better with other medicines when they have terminal
    diseases that have extended benefits. Don’t only look at America.

  12. Are you kidding, cartels will be flushed out. Why would I want to go threw
    a shady dealer, when I can go to the store to purchase? Even with higher
    prices at stores, I’d rather buy it, knowing it’s not grown by some mexican
    tweaker in the woods who used pesticides and dumped it all down stream
    afterwords. You’re argument makes no sense…drug cartels rely COMPLETELY
    on the fact that it’s ILLEGAL. Once you take that away, they lose their
    grip, and are forced out because of low sales.

  13. Awesome! 50+ years in the making! I don’t even smoke weed and I think
    this is the best thing to happen in the last decade at least.

    The lies of the drug war are slowly starting to crumble. 

  14. im in iowa and all we got to smoke is bullshit 60 a 8th fuck off
    15 yrs ago 60 got me a oz why is it so high priced 

  15. Lol u don’t see anyone trying to sell booze illegally, why da fuc will the
    cartels sell something that’s legal? U dum fuc

  16. Your gut tells you? What about the scientist that performed the study? Your
    guts knows more than they do?

    Fucking know it all.

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