Marijuana Arrests Near Record High (FBI Study)

“A new FBI study, based on the most recent national statistics from up to 2011, found that marijuana arrests have remained at an all-time high, with 749824 …
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This installment of NIDA Notes: Researchers Speak features Dr. Madeline Meier of Duke University discussing the effects of marijuana use on IQ. Dr. Meier des…
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29 Replies to “Marijuana Arrests Near Record High (FBI Study)”

  1. A new FBI study, based on the most recent national statistics from up to
    2011, found that marijuana arrests have remained at an all-time high. CLICK
    HERE to watch Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The
    Young Turks discuss

  2. Feds demonstrate height of stupidity again: New study shows simple
    possession arrests at record high! #marijuana #mmot #drugwar #epicfail
    #injustice #legalizeit

  3. Einstein once said “there are only two things that are infinite, the
    Universe and human stupidity and I’m not so sure about the Universe”…

  4. Is there a discriminatory (racist) mandate against minorities in the
    states. I mean, can ethnic officers stop and frisk white citizens with as
    much abandon as they do people of their own colour. more to the point, do
    officers of colour abide by the obviously biased protocols in place? and if
    they DO try to search more white people -do they get reprimanded?

  5. Watch someone take crack, then watch someone take cocaine. Anyone that has
    seen the effects of the two drugs knows crack in infinitely more
    destructive. Your line about power cocaine versus rock cocaine is one of
    someone with little experience with either. Rock cocaine, or crack, is
    typically smoked which delivers a concentrated dose all at once. Power
    cocaine, or coke, is typically snorted which is delivered to the brain in
    slower doses. Truth: crack is more destructive than coke.

  6. The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants
    woman, as the most dangerous plaything.

  7. I just got diagnosed with MS (24) and people with MS keep recommending
    marihuana for it, but it’s illegal so I have to spend way more.

  8. Lastly, realize that one of the groups with the most to gain from the war
    on drugs is the drug dealers themselves. Yes, they risk severe legal
    consequences but it’s those very restrictions that drive the profits of
    large scale drug dealers. If illegal drugs were to be legalized, the price
    of said drugs would be driven way down as the supply became more and more
    available. Like most debates, both sides are selling you their kool aid
    when the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Think critically.

  9. There is no control over something you can grow at home, that is their
    problem, they can’t get tax money. Same with most illegal drugs, you can
    make them at home easily, unlike booze and tobacco. They don’t care about
    us, or the studies and cases that THC has and will save lives and cure
    cancer. They make money off putting people in their private prisons, fines,
    and people paying for cancer treatments that do not work. It’s easier that
    way for them to make more than legalizing it.

  10. They don’t want to stop drug use or they would focus on the big dogs. The
    System needs the people to feed it; it’s a Vampire sucking the life
    force/labor from the people. Heroin is all over the place. We have kids
    OD’ing every week some die. The only people that I know that are in jail
    are the users (white kids around here) and small time sellers (same). I’m
    old enough to remember Iran Contra (cocaine) now we have Afghanistan

  11. Please make more informative videos like this about marijuana. We
    desperately need more evidence about its effects on people before it’s too

  12. duh – follow the money. legalize marijuana and the NIDA loses a lot of
    funding – of course they are against it. this is not rocket science, it is
    just some woman who wants to keep her job

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