HIV Noncontagious With Medication

A new study is showing that HIV is noncontagious between couples where the infected partner is undergoing anti-retroviral therapy. This landmark in the medic…
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11 Replies to “HIV Noncontagious With Medication”

  1. Blah, blah, blah. Want to know some real facts about that “wonderful
    medication”? HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud? A Stephen Allen film.

  2. Thats great. Now, people can get drunk and screw around in the safe
    knowledge that a little pill will almost reduce their chances of
    contracting HIV to zero. I’d rather insert my c*ck in a meat-grinder, thank
    you very much.

  3. How can you smile like you have good news? Big Pharma has been milking this
    disease for decades. I ought to know, back in the 80′s I PERSONALLY took
    care of the FIRST diagnosed case of AIDS in western Washington State, to no
    avail. That young man died. The giant medical machine has the capability to
    CURE (not TREAT) this disease as well as many others. Once you see the
    machinery of Big Pharma you can see that is isn’t in their mission
    statement to CURE anything. There’s a lot of evidence pointing to man-made,
    genetically-modified viruses and other biologics being the ACTUAL cause for
    these diseases. Think about it, cause-effect-solution. It’s the same old
    shit. Why would they EVER come out with a cure for ANYTHING when it’s much
    more profitable to treat the symptoms?

  4. LOL they are still trying to convince people Aids is from HIV. They have to
    find ways to say HIV won’t cause the aids because it doesn’t. As time goes
    forward they will supposedly irradicate the HIV causing AIDs because too
    much PROOF shows it is a lie. The Greatest Medical Fraud in History – The
    Pain, Profit and Politics of AIDS

    “HIV” !!!! MURDERERS !!!!!

  6. if they do this and come out with this where your chance of not getting
    infected is like 99% then eventually the disease will die out. and big
    farma will loose billions. do you think they will allow this to come out ?
    hmmmm and if it does it should be free like vaccines to immunize the world.
    once all people with the disease are gone in a generation or so then it
    will no longer exist.

  7. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles…
    He’s saying, ‘Tell the viewers what copies are.’ not ‘Tell me what copies

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