Alternative Cancer Treatments: Medical Marijuana

My father was recently diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, and medical marijuana is one of the tools we are using in an attempt to decrease the cancer an…
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Physicians across Massachusetts are preparing for the inception of the state medical marijuana law, which takes full effect when the Department of Public Hea…
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  1. Check out the video “The Power of Raw Cannabis”
    You don’t get high when you juice Cannabis.

    You should also Have him do some green juicing

    I would also type in “EFT + Cancer”
    EFT can help you lower your pain levels.
    EFT is like acupuncture without the needles.

    -”Use of phytocannabinoids, either in an isolated form or in the form of a botanical drug substance (BDS) in the treatment of cancer. Preferably the cancer to be treated is cancer of the PROSTATE, cancer of the breast or cancer of the colon”
    PATENT PCT/GB2011/050487
    -”Cancers to be treated include: PROSTATE, breast, colon, lung, skin. Diseases or conditions to be prevented or treated include neuropathic pain, inflammation or vasoconstriction”
    PATENT EP2146731

    “The Rick Simpson Oil is the treatment of choice for (curing my Prostate) Cancer, I believe that 100%. I never missed work in 6 months in treatment. I’d take a large dose of Oil at night and sleep through it. A small dose during the day and wouldn’t feel anything because I was already ACCUSTOMED to it. I’d drive safely, work, live my life normally. Anyone who would like to use the Rick Simpson method of curing Cancer follow his instructions exactly!”
    Biochemist, Dennis Hill

    -June 10, 2012 “I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer I’m going to start treating it with Hemp Oil. The reason why I’m treating it with Hemp Oil is because I looked at a video called RUN FROM THE CURE by Rick Simpson, it documents how he cured his Melanoma Cancer by using Hemp Oil”*
    -July 12, 2012 “Got my blood test results back the Hemp Oil is working! PSA DOWN to 2 (below 4 is normal) yes”*
    -July 15, 2012 “Did I mention I am 99% CANCER FREE? Thanks to Hemp Oil”*
    *Tommy Chong

    “Prostate Cancer cells carry molecular ‘garages’ called Receptors. The Scientists (University of Alcala) showed that if Cannabinoids ‘park’ on a Receptor CB2 Cancer cells stop multipyling. Scientists switched OFF the CB2 Receptors on the Prostate cells. Cannabinoids were added to cells without the CB2 the Prostate Cancer cells divided and grew. Research shows areas on Prostate Cancer cells recognise and talk to chemicals in Cannabis, Cannabinoids”
    Cancer Research UK

  6. DELTA 101
    -”Delta 8 THC a Cannabinoid with lower psychotropic potency than Delta 9 THC was administered to 8 CHILDREN aged 3-13 with hematologic cancers treated with different antineoplastic drugs for up to 8 months. Number of treatments with Delta 8 so far is 480. THC treatment started 2 hours before each antineoplastic treatment continued every 6-24 hours. Vomiting completely prevented side effects observed were negligible”
    PMID: 7776837
    -Rick Simpson’s 95-98% Delta 9 THC Oil would CURE them!

    “Dual effects of THC on cholangiocarcinoma cells: anti-invasion activity at low concentration and apoptosis (cell death) induction at HIGH concentration (Rick Simpson 95-98% THC Oil)”
    PMID: 19916793
    “Breast and prostate Cancer cells are also sensitive to Cannabinoid-induced antiproliferation. Regarding immune system low doses of Cannabinoids may enhance cell proliferation, whereas HIGH doses of Cannabinoids usually induce growth arrest or apoptosis”
    PMID: 11269508

  8. DR. BURZYNSKI 101
    “Dr. Burzynski referred patients to us, you wouldn’t believe how many people from Texas A&M sent patients. Other very well known Institutes who when they have nothing else to offer, we could try. It’s frustrating because we get so many patients that have had 25 rounds of Chemo and Radiation. We have to try and counteract the damage and then go after the problem. We’re getting recognized by the regular Medical Institutions.”
    Dr. Sweeney, Phoenix Tears (Rick Simpson) Foundation

  9. Hope this works well for your dad. Cannabis, used properly, has strong anti cancer properties as well as palliative properties for pain and nausea, and I hope you have seen Christian Laurette’s documentary “Run from the Cure, the Rick Simpson Story”, as that provides specific processing and dosage information for treating cancer and other serious diseases most successfully with cannabis. Go to youtube(slash)user(slash)chryc­hek to view it, and phoenixtears(dot)ca for more info


  10. My dad has aggressive prostate cancer but caught it early. Had surgery and is now managing with Lupron. Watching these vids with great interest.

  11. Check out my video, “Alternative Cancer Treatments: Rife Machine Explained.” The Rife machine is one of the best kept (and most effective) natural cures for cancer that has worked wonders for my father thus far.

  12. I’m inclined to believe that natural cures for cancer exist but have been covered up by US & their european big pharmaceutical partners in order to get rich of the fear, and helplessness of the sick. What’s occuring around medical Marijuanna demonstrates it. Terrible bastards.

  13. Man I would be HIGHLY concerned about all those addictive painkillers that he’s consuming daily. Not saying marijuana’s a cure-all… but there are many cancer patients who were given terminal diagnoses years ago and are still alive today because of it. Glad you’re open enough to consider it

  14. unfortunately the lady in this doesn’t understand the ‘mass-production’ concept…keep it CHEAP for the people to get them hooked and sell millions of them WEEKLY = billions of dollars in profits. you charge high-end you only end up having a few to afford and then purchase. mass-production is where THEIR moneys at.

  15. the elite/governments all KNOW the unlimited health/lifestyle/recreational benefits for people with marijuana and spend most of their time and efforts on literally fighting that for THEIR profits while ‘appearing’ to give a damn…THEY DONT….The People are just cattle in their eyes.

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